CH Yang-Le Zoey & CH Yang-Le Had-Gi
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Yang-Le Cattery owned by Lydia, Carol and Rocky Stevenson is a small cattery breeding Manx. We are located on the Gulf Coast of Texas near Houston. We were privileged to have been mentored by Jeanie McPhee, International Judge for Cat Fanciers Association, owner of Co-Mc Cattery in Houston, Texas and breeder of Manx for 52 years. Jeanie had known Lydia since she was seven and entrusted to Carol and Lydia, and honored them by allowing Yang-Le Cattery to have her beautiful black male Manx, CH Co-Mc Black Watch of Yang-Le. Carol, Lydia's daughter decided to join her in breeding and showing when she got Black Watch and he has become the foundation Manx for Yang-Le Cattery. Besides being a beautiful gorgeous boy, Black Watch lives up to the wonderful Manx standard of not only great Manx type but also a sweet loving Manx that is easy and anxious to show. Many times other Manx breeders have commented on "how beautifully he poses and stands for the judge and that they wish their Manx would enjoy showing, posing and standing for the judges like Black Watch". This is his wonderful Manx nature all the time and he is a joy and pleasure to have at home as well as at the show! 

Jeanie McPhee continued to work with Carol and Lydia for the last several years mentoring the Yang-Le family through showing, breeding and raising kittens until she crossed the Rainbow Bridge in Spring 2004. Jeanie also entrusted Yang-Le Cattery with a wonderful Manx female Co-Mc Been Cricketsized of Yang-Le, a beautiful blue and white female Manx. Cricket grew up in our home and lived up to her name and later to high standards of a Manx female, being a wonderful devoted mother with Black Watch as the sire and blessed us with four wonderful, healthy, sound baby Manx, three of them being beautiful rumpy females. This was the beginning of the re-start of Yang-Le Cattery after a short hiatus. 

To back up several years, Yang-Le Cattery started in the late 1950's with Siamese. The first family cat Lydia begged her parents for at a very early age was a silver mackerel tabby male domestic from a neighbor - Mickey who became her cat at 8 weeks old. Later she and her sister captured a red mackerel tabby feral kitten named Aristotle. He passed young and to soothe Lyndda and Lydia's heart the family went off to the humane society and found a grown registered Siamese with such an attitude she was truly humorous. At the age of seven Lydia wanted to show Queeney and that was the beginning of Yang-Le Cattery and the start of showing cats. So the LeFever family - George, Ophelia, Lyndda and Lydia were quickly into the enjoyment of showing and raising cats, working with the local cat clubs, putting on shows in Houston, clerking, meeting friends from all over the USA and the total enjoyment that comes with pure bred cats. Obviously we, like many had started with showing household pets and later graduated into pure registered cats. Siamese was our first breed and later we became known for our quality Silver Classic and Red Mackerel Tabby American Shorthairs, Ruddy Abyssinians and our Seal, Blue and Lilac Siamese. The family additionally worked with Helen Weiss, CFA judge of Sugarland, TX developing the many beautiful colors of the Cornish Rex now known in CFA. Yang-Le Cattery and our cat oriented friends all over the United States became our life and enjoyment! 

Due to ill health of Ophelia and George and advancement of careers and family development Yang-Le Cattery slowed down for several years to just pets at home. Lyndda got happily married and is the mother of a wonderful son and daughter and lives in Pennsylvania with her husband. She is owned by and loves her two domestic shorthairs. Ophelia and George stayed in Houston area with their daughter Lydia in her home until they crossed the Rainbow Bridge and joined the many wonderful cats from Yang-Le Cattery. Lydia married and has a wonderful husband Rocky (her Rock) and a marvelous daughter Carol who loves cats, enjoys showing just as much as Lydia and is the third generation of Yang-Le Cattery. 

Yang-Le Cattery is now strictly devoted to Manx and is totally committed to the quality and betterment of the Manx breed. All cats have been tested for known diseases and are seen by a veterinarian regularly. Kittens and young cats are available periodically by contacting Yang-Le Cattery by clicking the email button below. Thanks to Maria Parisi for our lovely website.



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