CFA's 8th Best Kitten 2004-2005

Noblessa Persians was established in 1989. The combination of two significant words noble and blessed. We are located in central New York State in the center of the beautiful Finger Lakes region. We began with pointed Persians and became enlightened with the addition of solid Persian lines. In 1996 we bred solid Persians exclusively, adding bicolor Persians in 1997. We are very small having ten adult cats, full time “other” jobs and two very active boys (please see our son’s memorial below), which have kept us from actively showing recently. They believe we truly do enjoy the hard wooden bleachers of sporting events rather than the folding chairs of cat shows. 

When we are not at cat shows or sporting events.

Noblessa Persians began one evening over a bottle of wine, Chardonnay I believe. Mary-Jo and Ben were discussing life and all of its little surprises (looking back this seems oh, so ironic) we talked about hopes and dreams, and Mary-Jo shared that it has always been a dream, since she was a small girl to breed and show Persian cats. It was her intention to do this in her retirement years. Ben, always having wonderful advice, yet never heeding it, suggested the old adage, “do not tomorrow what you can do today”, and hence it began.........

We have enjoyed the cats, friends and relationships in the cat fancy and intend on enjoying all of the above in the many years to come. Thank you for your interest and we hope you enjoy the pictures of some of the beautiful animals, which have graced our lives.

Our boys, what we are most proud of...

Mary-Jo & Ben Gavitt
PO Box 143
Union Springs,NY 13160

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