Welcome to Nikaluk Siberians. We’re located in Lake Charles, LA, just a few minutes east of the Texas/Louisiana border on I-10. We’ve been in love with the Siberian Husky breed since 1990, when we brought our first Siberian puppy, Nikaluk, into our home, completely unaware of how much she would teach us about Siberians specifically and dogs in general. 

We began showing Siberians in conformation in late 2001, when we finally realized our dream and purchased a show-quality male from Anne and Brian Palmer of Highlander Siberians in Michigan. We’ve finished two champions ourselves to date with fairly limited showing. We’ve also put numerous obedience and rally titles on a couple of our dogs, and are looking forward to training and competing in agility. 

We have fallen in love with this wonderful breed and are looking forward to building a top-quality breeding program focusing on superior physical soundness, structure and movement, as well as pleasant temperament. Look around at our dogs and feel free to check out any puppies/available dogs we may have, but realize that owning a Siberian is not for everyone. Do some research before purchasing or adopting a Siberian. Use the links page to get more information on the breed. They require secure, fenced exercise and play areas, a lot of companionship, regular grooming (particularly when they “blow coat,” or get rid of their undercoat, which happens twice a year). They require lots of exercise (or they’ll create their own exercise, which we guarantee you won’t enjoy), firm but gentle training, and plenty of mental stimulation. Check our Links page to go to the Siberian Husky Club of America site to begin your research. If you’re willing to work and live with a dog who’s intelligent, strong and has a definite mind of its own, welcome to the wonderful world of Siberians!

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