GC, RW Joleigh's Private Screening

Founded in 1998, Nightflash Cattery is located in Northern California (CFA's Region 2). I specialize in the magnificent and rare smoke Persian in dominant colors. I often have solid and tabby kittens besides smoke Persians. 

My goal is to produce top quality, competitive smoke Persians. All cats used in my breeding program are PKD negative. I am fortunate to be using smoke pedigrees from Joleigh-Red Sky, Belcats, Palmetto, Blackice, Pinkfantasy, Lacey and Tufftons lines. My solids are out of Artemis, Catsafrats, Young-Uns, Sipora and Steeplechase pedigrees. 

Please read my article on smokes to learn more about the beautiful smoke Persian. Please check out my kitten page for availability of smoke kittens.
Please feel free to email me with any questions regarding smoke Persians.

~Ann Black 

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