Hello, my name is Debbie Kozlowski and my cats and I would like to Welcome you to Mewmaws Cattery.

I have always loved animals actually when I was six I wanted a horse, but being a city girl that was not to be. We had several dogs as I was growing up, but never a cat. After I married and had children we had all kinds on animals. When the kids grew up and left home I went to my very first cat show about four years ago.

I was in awe when I saw the Persian and Himalayan kittens. They all were so beautiful I just knew I had to have one of my very own. Two years went by and I finally asked my husband for a kitten for my birthday. So I went back to another cat show to look for my kitten.

In June of 2007, I got a Tortie Lynx Point kitten. Shortly after that I decided I wanted to show. Thanks to Geri Fellerman of Dragonfyre who put me in touch with Lynn Staker of Countrygal. I acquired a black Persian CPC my first show cat. Thank you so much Lynn for letting me have Snicker Demon. After that it was just like eating potato chips you just can't have just one.

Since I have met Lori Kerr of Catbery Tails, Mewmaws Cattery has blossomed. She has shared her cats and her knowledge with me. God has surely sent me a special friend. Thank you Lori for trusting me with Crumpet, Snowshoe and Biscotti and for all your help.

Lastly I would like to thank my husband Tom for supporting me in whatever I do. My granddaughter Madison, who helps with the cats and accompanies me to the cat shows as she wants to be a "cat lady" like her memaw when she grows up.

~ Debbie Kozlowski

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