LeCompagnon Valiant and LeCompagnon Velvet

LeCompagnon is the home of Chartreux Cats in Worthington, Ohio and has been in operation since 2001. It is dedicated to the promotion of the breed and is also dedicated to the preservation of Chartreux. Even though the first Chartreux were brought to the United States from Europe by Helen Gamon in 1970, there are still only a limited number of breeders in the country. Therefore, buyers looking for a Chartreux to adopt as a family member often have difficulty finding one to purchase.

LeCompagnon wants to help keep the Chartreux as a viable breed in the US with a breeding program that makes use of healthy cats with varying bloodlines. LeCompagnon will promote the breed by showing some of its cats at Cat Fanciers' Association shows around the country. It will also help promote Chartreux by making kittens and older adults available for adoption.

~ Dave


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