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Situated in the Sebago Lakes region of Southern Maine, just two hours north of Boston, Kitalan is home to some very beautiful examples of the Himalayan Cat. A select few of these wonderful cats share our lives, each of them a very special member of our family. Most choose to sleep on the bed with us. My name is Clare Woodman and on behalf of the "Kitalan Team", we welcome you.

Exclusively indoor cats and sometimes called the "Pointed Persian", Himalayans are a gentle breed possessing grace, beauty and devotion all wrapped up in the most exquisite package of silken hair, mesmerizing blue eyes and soft points of color settling perfectly on their little face, ears, feet and tail. Himalayans come in several point colors. At Kitalan we specialize in Lynx points although we also offer Himalayans of most colors including seal, blue and the occasional flame point. We do not offer Chocolate or Lilac.

Our cats share their lives with a very special 3 pound Yorkshire Terrier named Nikita. "Kita" is the lady in charge of the Kitalan clan. She acts as though these lovely Himalayans are "hers", hence our name "Kitalan". It's our abbreviated way of saying "Kita's Himalayans" :-) She has welcomed each kitten that has come into our home and shows them the ropes. It's not uncommon to find Kita and one of "her" kitties rolling around on the bed together or chasing toys together across the floor. We've had many a "Kodak" moment watching Kita and the cats of Kitalan at play :-)

All of the Kitalan foundation cats are Himalayans/CPC Persians of Show Quality in that have been carefully chosen for both their beauty and health. We are fortunate to be able to work with some of the finest Champion, Grand Champion, and National winning lines in the history of the breed.

We have some special people to thank for allowing us the privilege of bringing the Kitalan foundation cats together in our home. We purchased our first kitten from Lynn Baker of Old Castle Himalayans and Persians, a beautiful show quality seal lynx point girl, as a pet. After a few months we decided that we would like to try showing this lovely girl. At our very first show she finalled in every ring. We never looked back. Lynn is credited for supporting and guiding us every step of the way and we're so very thankful for her never ending support. Lynn has allowed some of her most beautiful Himalayans to call Kitalan their home. Without Lynn's support and knowledge of the breed we would not be where we are today. Thank you Lynn :-)

We would also like to thank Debi Cotton of Co-Bridge Cattery for the privilege of allowing her very special boy to begin his journey with us as we begin ours. Debi has spent many an hour with us answering our never-ending questions, for which we are grateful.

Much gratitude is extended to Svetlana Sklyovara of Larix Cattery in Russia for that memorable summer day when Larix's Sugar Candy was flown to the U.S.A. to spend her life here with the rest of the Kitalan clan.

Lastly we must recognize Dr.Carr and his team at the North Windham Veterinary Hospital. Our relationship with them spans more than a decade. Their attention to clients, both two and four legged is unsurpassed. Always available to answer questions or to fit someone in with a simple call, we are fortunate to have them as part of the extended Kitalan team :-)

Kitalan cats are fed a grain free, high protein, low carbohydrate diet. Their diet is supplemented with choice organic, protein rich, human grade raw foods. This diet is more conducive to their little carnivorous palates and allows them to enjoy robust health. 

Kitalan is registered with CFA exclusively. We show in Atlantic Region 1.

All Kitalan "Parents" are DNA PKD tested negative by UC Davis in California. Our cats are tested negative for FIV and FeLV.

For the safety of our cats, Kitalan is a closed Cattery and does not offer outside stud service.

We are proud members of the Atlantic Himalayan Club.

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