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CH Diwood Kiss N' Tell of Joyback

Hello, my name is Joyce Back, from Whiting, NJ. I would like to welcome you to a tour of my wonderful feline friends. I have been working with Himalayans and CPCs for the past 16 years. My passion in the cat fancy has given me all that I have given and them some. I have enjoyed this fantastic breed so much that I have since become a  member of:

" The Atantic Himalayan Club"
"CFA Himalayan/Persian Breed Council"
"Fyfe and Drum Himalayan Club"
"AACE Cat Club"

I want to thank Diane Castor (Playwickey), Leslie Josephsen (Arenel), Debbie Kenny (Sejumay), Carol Nevel (Camages), Debbie Strang (Debucats)  and Adela Skymanski for our awesome bloodlines.

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