"I regret to inform visitors of Dan's passing. I will no longer be involved in breeding or showing of our Chows. Please enjoy the photos of our beautiful dogs." 

~Mary Ellen Shook 

Welcome to Fu San Chows. We are located in the beautiful Hill Country Northwest of San Antonio, TX after relocating from Northern Virginia. Dan was born into a Chow family, while Mary Ellen joined the ranks of Chow lovers spending her summers as a child in Southern Wisconsin where the Fu San Chows originated.

Danís parents Ernest and Lucille Shook began their breeding program in the 1960ís and continued until the early 1980ís. Dan was active with his parents in breeding, Junior Showmanship and confirmation showing during his teen and early adult years. We have personally owned Chows since our marriage in 1970 and continued our love of the show world through many visits to shows. Our plan was to get back to breeding and showing after our retirement. We updated this plan when we obtained our wonderful ĎTobyí in 2001. He was just too beautiful a boy not to be in the show ring. He has enjoyed an extensive and successful show career. We extend our thanks to Debbie Hockaday, China Bay Kennel, for this wonderful dog.

Our goal is to continue building a top-quality breeding program with emphasis on physical soundness, good temperament, as well as good structure and movement. When you purchase a dog from us, you have the opportunity of a lifetime source of guidance and help with your new Chow, whether it is a show dog or a much-welcomed pet. We raise our Chows in our home with much love and exceptional care, resulting in well socialized, 'people friendly' Chows. They require firm but gentle training. View our gallery pages of our dogs and any puppies that may be available, but realize that owning a Chow is not for everyone. Do some research before purchasing or adopting a Chow Chow. Use the links page to get more information on the breed.

~ Dan & Mary Ellen Shook

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