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Litters due with Zoie Bree, Daisy, Dixie, Ruthie and Krystal.

Welcome to our website. Please sit back and enjoy the view by clicking on our slideshow icon .If we can help you in picking out a family pet or even a great hunting partner call, text or email.

Like many of you, out of a loss of our beloved yellow Labrador Retriever, ”Ivory”, came the beginning of our kennel. When Ivory died from a gunshot wound we knew we must replace this empty feeling with another companion for our family. In the summer of 2001 we purchased Zoie Bree. She has an outstanding pedigree and a wonderful personality to go with it. Zoie is a traditional yellow Labrador Retriever with deep dark brown eyes that say, “take me with you”, every time you look at her.

Bo Diamond Deuce our stud was purchased as a Christmas gift that very same year. He has proven to produce very smart beautiful white/yellow Labrador Retrievers. The two have grown up together and the rest is history. Bo Diamond is OFA-excellent and AKC registered with master hunter bloodline in his 3rd generation. We now have chocolate, black, charcoal and silver. 

Ducks-In-A-Row-Labs is located 60 miles north of Houston, Texas. We are privileged to have 10 acres in a country setting. The dogs are given their own space to run and play everyday. We love to take them to the pond for more exercise. Labs are the best! They really know how to have fun. It is our hope that you will find confidence in us to help you find your next furry partner for the hunt or simply mans best friend. Let us help you. The fun has just begun!

Our objective is to breed the best quality Labrador Retrievers possible. We try very hard to take the total Labrador into consideration. Our Dam and Sire must be of sound body and mind. They must have proper double coats, kind expressions and the classic otter tails, along with that wonderful eager-to-please personality.

A good Labrador Retriever will want to please, and therefore, will be trainable for obedience and hunting. He posses a keen sense of smell and an athletic body. All of these qualities make the Labrador Retriever the perfect hunting companion and family pet. 
We take pride in our dogs to assure you the best quality Labrador Retriever possible. To the best of our knowledge, our dogs are bred with good quality stock, and without any hip dysplasia or genetic defects.

~ Bill and Pam York 

Universal AKC Microchip available

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