"Our best effort to date"
There is nothing more compelling than a warm and fuzzy puppy. The Japanese Chin fits this image. You can only hope that this puppy grows into a Malcolm, a Sammy, or a Venus.

One of the real mysteries in the "Dog World" is why the Japanese Chin isn't more popular. Here is a dog that has it all. The breed is delightful for both show and as a housemate. It is said that you never own a Chin, you are owned by the Chin.

Pat and Walter Still are retired in Central Texas and are now active in their hobby of twenty-five years, The Sport of Dogs. Ten years ago they discovered the Japanese Chin and they were hooked. A good mentor, excellent breeding stock, and a lot of hard work was the recipe for success. In this short period of time the Ce Ce Kennel has produced numerous champions many with group placements and one Multi Best in Show Dog.

Pat and Walter

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