Thinking about a Terrier puppy?

That might be a good idea. There are several things to consider before making that decision. You should know a little about the breeder you choose. 

My experience is being involved in rescue for over fifteen years then showing and breeding for about ten years. Each of my litters are hand raised. Each pup is helped into the world and helped to take their first breath, weighed, their gender determined then given back to Mom. I stay home from work about three days to make sure everyone is going to breathe, eat, and take potty breaks like they should. When I know all is well and Mom has adjusted to her new responsibilities and TELLS me to GO AWAY, then, I'll go back to work. Needless to say, I am very involved with my dogs.

I hope this information will help you choose the right breeder and puppy for yourself or your family. I have been trained by the best and have had the benefit of those who have been in dogs for over thirty years. I am very thankful for their sharing their experience with me. They taught me to breed specifically for good temperament and for the betterment of the standard of the dogs I choose to love.

Please do your research on the breed you choose. There is a great deal of information available. Speak to many breeders about the personalities of their dogs. If you have children ask if the dogs are good with children. Cairns are not particularly good with young children. Borders, on the other hand, are. You will read that many breeds that are not good with children are good with them. Think about it, who wants to write that their breed is not good with children? It is not exactly good publicity and does not SELL puppies. If you are doing this for the right reasons it is not to sell puppies. It is to make sure there is a good match for both the dog and the person or family. 

When selecting parents for a litter I choose based on health history and temperament of the dogs. Then the characteristics of the standard and conformation are considered. Puppies are allowed to go to their new home at three months. They have had all their shots and come with a year health guarantee. Most of the breeders I know and who trained me do not let their puppies go until that time. Puppies sale price is negotiable. This little soul will be a member of your family who, should you need it, you will receive from me, any and all the support you need. Puppies are sold on a spay neuter contract. That means when you send me a copy of your receipt documenting the spay or neuter, then I send you the AKC papers. There is also a one year health guarantee. That means if I missed something in terms of their three month old care, I pay for the treatment. This is usually something simple like worms or latent bacterial infection. Also, if there is a life altering congenital defect, then, I will refund your money or give you another puppy. Also, myself and the breeders I work with are here for your questions and general Cairn Terrier or Border Terrier support forever. We are responsible for every life we put on this earth and want them to have healthy and safe lives. We are not like the pet store, puppy mills or back yard breeders who cash your check and never speak to you again. We want to remain involved if you need us. 

I hope this answers some of your questions in advance. Let me know of others. I am located in Fort Worth and am always willing to visit with folks considering the purchase or adoption of a Cairn Terrier or Border Terrier in very honest terms. I will not allow you to rescue a pup or buy a puppy if I do not believe your conditions are appropriate for the animal. I will be honest with you. Please be honest with yourself and take the advice of those of us you speak to. If one of us tells you no, it will be most always a health and safety issue. Please do not put our animals or your family members at risk. Please e-mail me with any questions you might have.

Jennifer Hale 
CairnLaw / Imzadi Kennels

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