GC Lollipaws Lucky Charm of Cachemire

Welcome to Cachemire Persians! We are a small cattery east of Pittsburgh, PA, in New Florence. All Cachemire Persians are cared for in a cageless and loving home. We are a “hobby” cattery, and occasionally attend shows in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. We are registered with the Cat Fanciers Association, as well as The International Cat Association. 

Cachemire became a reality in 2004, when GC Lollipaws Lucky Charm of Cachemire, or “Charmer” as he is affectionately known, became a member of our family. We fell in love with Charmer’s wonderful personality, and our Persian family quickly grew to include Lollipaws Victoria’s Secret and Lollipaws Hugs n Kisses. 

Cachemire cats have affectionate temperaments, bright, beautiful eyes and HUGE boning. We strive to breed quality Persians that are healthy and sound in body and mind for show, and as loving pets. 

I would like to thank Vanessa Partyka of Lollipaw Persians for being my mentor and friend, and for trusting me with her amazing cats. 

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