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WELCOME to BLUE MOJO Exotics & Persians. We are a small CFA registered cattery located in the beautiful Puget Sound area of Washington State. All our kitties are raised in our home with lots of love and individual attention.

Our kitties are bred to meet the CFA Exotic and Persian standards with good eye color, open expression, short cobby body, small low-set ears, and also good health and sweet disposition. 

We only use PKD negative cats, tested by DNA, in our breeding program.

Show, breeder, and pet quality Exotics and Persians may be available. We usually have both pointed and solids in a variety of colors. We hope to have spectacular
chocolates and lilacs.

I hope you will stop by often to check the available page and see what is new. Please leave your paw print in the guest book!
                                                      ~Lynn Pato

A special thank you to my family members for sharing in the raising and loving of these kitties, and to the Region 2 breeders who have offered encouragement and shared their expertise and knowledge with me.

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