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I became registered as Attraction Cattery in July of 1977. Linda Lahey and I have bred a national best cat for the 1990 Show season GC,GP,NW Attractions Amy Lou Retton. I started with Persians and graduated to Exotics and finally to Himalayans.. I have behind most of my Cats GC Marhei Miami Vice, a black persian male, with a thank you to Sue Helmke, and the wonderful Himalayan CH Purrstar's Solar Flair of Attraction from a most respected breeder, Barbara Lee Leffler. I dedicate my home page to GC Squires Attraction who I named my Cattery for and Leta Suzanne Williams. I purchased "Raci" as she was known to Leta and Don Williams after following them to three shows, when they finally got tired of me stalking them. Leta and I became Best Friends and traveled to many shows together thru the years....

I have granded several cats for other breeders and finally started doing my own work! I moved to Florida in 1994 and married Frank Miller my dear husband in 1999 in Port Charlotte. We moved to beautiful Panama City in 2001 where we currently reside with our "KIDS" I am a veterinary inspected CFA Cattery of Excellence with a huge thank you to Dr. Jeffrey Lowe of the Frankford Animal Hospital. 

We specialize in color point Himalayans, solid color Persians and various colors in CPC's and Exotics. I would also like to say thank you to Darlene and June Feger for their friendship and education on what a clean cattery should look like. Their cats and surroundings are the cleanest I have ever had the privilege of visiting. Once again thanks to all my "old" friends at the CFA office and anyone I have ever been educated by.

~Andi Miller


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