Welcome to AristoChats, a small CFA-Registered cattery devoted to nurturing cats centrally located to reach all of California. We focus on health, temperament and affection and specialize in Maine Coons and Himalayans. Our breeding/show lines have been developed adhering to CFA breed standards. Our cats are from pedigrees that include national, international and regional winning show cats. We participate in the CFA Mentoring and Ambassador Programs and are happy to answer your questions.

All of our cats/kittens come with vaccinations and contracts. They are hand-raised in a personal, healthy environment. Socializing and nurturing our kittens begins at birth to insure they will be happy, well-adjusted companions and family members. For their own protection, declawing is not allowed. Our cats are for indoor homes only.

Email us for further information. Pedigrees, photographs and personality descriptions are available; we welcome your questions and interest. Visit and watch the turning pages of our Kitten Storybook!


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