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Thank you for your interest in Aberdeenshire’s Poms. Aberdeenshire Poms is located in Southeast Texas, just north of Beaumont. Let me introduce myself. My name is Pam Hutto and I have such a love for Pomeranians. They fascinate me as they are so beautiful, graceful, and very intelligent. Each one of our Pomeranians have their own unique personality. Pomeranians are very addicting!! Once you own one, you will know what I mean.

Many years ago when I lived in Scotland, where I received my first gorgeous cream colored Pomeranian. Since then, I have developed a HUGE interest in raising and breeding for show. We are continuously working on improving our lines and creating our foundation in hopes that my dream will come true one day. All our Poms are AKC registered. We have some very nice lady’s in our current program with some incredible pedigrees.

Our Poms are hand raised, healthy, beautiful, and full of energy. They are hand raised indoors and allowed to go out when the weather permits. We raised them in a home-like environment so they are well socialized and spend many hours with them. You can view their spacious living area on our website. They are allowed to go in and out through doggie doors into their private play area in which they enjoy. Each of our Poms are well taken care of and are loved dearly. 

We aim to produce Poms with nice quality, temperament, and type. Our ultimate goal is to produce the many characteristics a Pomeranian should exhibit which include, great structure, short body, beautiful coats, high head carriage, movement, nice tail set, short back, and UP on toe with a nice angulation. 

We breed only a few litters a year with the goal of producing our own show prospect but we do occasionally have puppies available, so grab a cup of coffee and enjoy looking around our website. If you see something that your are interested in on our available page, let me know.

Also, occasionally we have adult pets that we pet out as companions or on a spayed/neutered agreement. Please visit our available page if you are interested in this option.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or interests in our available Poms  at or contact me at Cell: (409) 594-6476 or Home: (409) 429-3469. 


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